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To communicate with clients is key to aid in their understanding of the relevant law with the goal of accomplishing the client's objectives in the representation and protecting their legacies.

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Ms. Brianna J. Giliberto-Hermann, Esq.

Attorney and Founder

Brianna J. Giliberto-Hermann, Esq. studied art and art history on a performance scholarship before embarking on her legal career.  She received her Juris Doctor degree from Western State College of Law along with a Certificate in Criminal Law Studies thanks to her innate skill in trial advocacy and passion for justice.  Ms. Giliberto-Hermann was selected as the recipient of the Wallace R. Davis Public Service Award in 2020 and she was the recipient of three Witkin Awards for Academic Excellence for legal writing.

Additionally, Ms. Giliberto-Hermann was an intern in the Felony Crime Unit at the Offices of the Orange County Public Defender and she was an extern for a prominent judge in the Probate Division at the Orange County Superior Court.

Ms. Giliberto-Hermann is able to connect with her clients due to her own legal experiences in her personal life which inspired her to become a lawyer.  At ten years old, Ms. Giliberto-Hermann's father passed away and left behind a poorly managed trust involving a business partnership and a trustee that was not ready for the job.  It took until Ms. Giliberto-Hermann was in her mid-twenties when she represented herself that the battle with the trustee and business partnership finally came to a resolution and her father's wishes were recognized.

It is Ms. Giliberto-Hermann's goal to help others manage and avoid the frustrations and stress that can be caused by mismanaged estates especially after the loss of a loved one.  As a result, Ms. Giliberto-Hermann has made it her mission to help others protect their legacies through Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration and Litigation, Personal Injury cases at her firm.  The firm was founded on March 15, 2021.

Of Counsel

Ms. Nancy Sandoval Bailon, Esq.

The Law Office of Brianna J. Giliberto-Hermann is thrilled to have Ms. Bailon as "of counsel" to assist with Spanish-Speaking clients.

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