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Wills & Trusts

Is a will right for you?

Is a Living Trust
           the right choice for you?

  • Your gross value of assets will remain under $184,500.00 even at time of death;

  • You are not a real property owner; and

  • You do not want your assets to simply to go to whoever in next in line based on the law.

  • Your gross value of assets are around $184,500.00 or more;

  • You are a real property owner or plan to purchase a house;

  • You do not want your family to have to wait approximately a year to receive their inheritance;

  • You want to maintain control over who is in charge and who is to receive an inheritance even beyond the grave;

  • Avoid Probate!

Need a Advance Health Care Directive
                or Durable Power of Attorney?

  • You are over the age 18 years old; and

  • You want your family to avoid having to obtain a conservatorship should you become incapable of managing your financial affairs or making your medical decisions.

Most clients are able to take home their freshly signed and notarized 

estate planning documents within one to two weeks.

Estate Plans may be created on a rushed bases of 48 hours to 72 hours for an additional cost.

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